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Nothing is more beautiful than the NATURE

Culture is essentially the NATURE of human beings
Architecture is a medium to enhance the value of NATURE and CULTURE

Firm Description

POAR was established in August 2011 in Bangkok.Thailand as a full-service architectural. interior-architectural andl andscape architectural firm by two partners: Patchara Wonaboonsin,a registered architect, and Ornnicha Duriyaprapan. POAR aims to provide truly  professional and comprehensive design services to a wide range of clienteles with a broad range of program-matic requirements and scales.

Patchara and Omnicha has experience in a varietv of proiects prior of establishing POAR.

Patchara, a graduate of Graduate School of Design, Harvard University completed a number of proiects while working with local and international firms such as A49 and SOM(NewYork). His project experience includes institutional projects including school an d performance facility.

POAR appreciates the essense of nature and culture: It is our goal to pre-serve and translate this value through desian and architecture.

We are committed to provide our clients with excellent products and services and more importantly maintain the highest level of client satisfaction.

Ornnicha, a graduate of Virginia Tech and currently, a Master degree candidate at Princeton Universit'sSchool of Architecture has an experience in hospitality facilities and highend residential projects while working with Department of Architecture Co,. Ltd.


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