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3 Bedrooms, 350 Sq.m.






Kasetnawamin Residence

House of the year 2018 selection : Habitus Living Design Magazine. Celebrates an interplay between openness and privacy through a juxtaposition of architectural and landscape elementKasetnawamin Residence

The 350-square-metre house of Patchara Wongboonsin, Ornnicha Duriyaprapan and their young son is located in one of the busy areas of Bangkok. Accommodating a family of three, the house greets us with its powerful gesture of a pure and decisive geometry. Carefully crafted, the house’s exterior camouflages astonishingly voluminous spaces and a complex interior organisation. It is a house that projects a sense of wonder with its exterior and a sense of surprise once inside.

Despite being located in the heart of Bangkok, the house seems as if it rests in a place far more secluded that allows the busy city life to fade away. Designed by the architects as their own home, the house is a testament to their vision and determination to design a house that works with the existing condition of the site. It seems as if the house has always been there and has been transformed along with the growing trees around it. It gives the inhabitants a sense of connection, of being one with the surrounding landscape, yet at the same time provides a sense of security and comfort. Aiming for both openness and privacy, the residents are protected by the different types of architectural enclosures that envelope the spaces, giving each and every area a sense of functional particularity while lending the whole configuration a sense of localised uniformity.

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